Monday, January 3, 2011

Warren Miller Street Team Marketing Plan - Wintervention

I recently was a part of the Warren Miller Street Team.  This basically meant that I would volunteer my efforts to market the movie Wintervention if Warren Miller supplied the fliers and posters along with a video.  I have to say it was fun to approach it from a very professional point of view.  Brian Hauser wrote me back after I proposed my marketing plan and said "This sounds awesome!  Very professional like you've had some experience before!".  I obviously didn't tell him that I was a marketing professional and that I was doing everything out of the love of the sport (skiing).  Here was my marketing plan I designed for Warren Miller:


I'll need 12 posters, I will need 250 handbills, I wear an XL shirt and My market is the greater Salt Lake City area.

I'm making signs to post on lawns with them, also I have access to various apartment buildings along the Wasatch Front, AKA the Salt Lake market.  I'm going to strategically place them on friends lawns and then have mobile signs to walk around with at large sporting events such as University of Utah and BYU football games.  I'm making a mobile sign (laminated w/ magnet back) to put on my car and going to REI and parking in the parking lot for a day.

I'm also having lawn viewing parties of past Warren Miller films (that I get through netflix) and showing the preview of Wintervention.

The big push for us is the scene from Southern Utah, we really want to promote Utah as an amazing ski destination and along side a close associate of mine who is a producer and director we plan on really using that part of the film as a spring board to gain some momentum leading into the season.

I plan on doing word of mouth marketing along with the mobile signs at ski swaps that are being held in the region.

The focus is the target market, if someone is at a ski swap and REI there is a good chance that they are the ones who are going to be attending the movie.

Park City is another target market, I have meetings regularly in Park City and will take 15-20 minutes talking to each ski shop making sure they have info on the movie... using fliers and wearing the apparel.

I'm focusing on high volume areas where the results will be the greatest.

My brother in law is a college student and a strong proponent of WM films and is very excited about the film... he is targeting the ski and snowboard club at BYU to distribute the fliers and the good word.  He will also sport a poster turned magnet on his car in a very outdoor centric university.

We plan on having a booth (a table) at upcoming social events in the valley, such as dances.  Games and outside of public events like corn mazes and haunted houses (for this we sill use a 4 runner that has a system, we'll have fliers and posters for this).

I have 7 events targeted : Oct. 23 U of U football game (tailgate type high visibility event), Oct. 9 BYU football game (High visibility tailgate event), Oct. 23 BYU football game (High visibility Tailgate event), Oct. 14,22, Park City High School Football games, and two other events to be named along with other smaller social events.

A strong word of mouth and Facebook push will be a focus for the local campaign.



I didn't make it to all the events, winter storms and family life got in the way of some of it but I did do quite a bit of it and if I had a full team under me we would have knocked this thing out of the ball park.  Wintervention was a huge success and most all of the theaters were full across the area.  It was pretty gratifying to see this happen.  I'm going to wear my Street Team shirt with pride now.... the things I do for the love of the sport.

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