Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Steel Horse Smiles Campgain

I had a great opportunity to work on a non-profit campaign this past summer that turned out to be a huge success.  I was involved with the Humanitarian Endeavors Foundation out of Roosevelt Utah.  The foundation consists of a bunch of do-gooder health care professionals along with some huge hearted men from the area.  The goal was to raise between $50-$75K to go towards dental care for under served areas of the state.  The Ute Indian reservation was/is a major focus for the Foundation along with other reservations around the West.

The campaign consisted of donations of $25 earning the opportunity to win a $25K motorcycle.  People could buy as many tickets as they wanted and in the end the campaign raised $55K.  I created the name (Steel Horse Smiles... a steel horse is a motorcycle), the logo, the tagline (helping Utah's children smile brighter), and the marketing materials. I also worked with the HEF (Humanitarian Endeavors Foundation) to create high visibility locations to sell tickets aside from word of mouth.  This included booths at local activities, radio spots, and posters strategically positioned.  I also created the website as a reference point.  It was a great opportunity to give back and to put my branding skills to work.  I look forward to next year's campaign and working with them more.  Here is a look at the poster and the logo:

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