Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bear Luke Outfitters and 3DMI Team up for a 3D Pheasant Hunt

On February 27 Bear Luke Outfitters and 3DMI out of South Jordan, Utah teamed up to film a Pheasant Hunt in 3D.  This is one of the first hunting events filmed in 3D at professional grade and the footage will be used for both stock and promotional purposes.  The 3D film industry is growing rapidly and 3D hunts are the next logical progression for the industry. The overall project was a joint effort with Bear Luke Outfitters, 3DMI, Browning Firearms, and Basin Family Pharmacy to offer a different and unique experience to the 3D world.  The most common 3D stock footage is usually aerial shots of city scape or mountain and beach scenes.  With this particular type of shoot the viewer now gets a first hand look at what a pheasant hunt looks and feels like up close and personal.

The shoot took place at the Pleasant Valley Hunting Preserve outside of Myton, Utah.  Peter Fuszuard the owner and founder of 3DMI called it "one of the most difficult shoots he's ever done, but one of the most gratifying".  Peter manned the camera and three hunters Ryan Luke, Brandon Luke and Cory Christensen who also had one dog and the guide George Dean  were the participants in the hunt.  The guides brought three Springer Spaniel dogs and the terrain was "rugged and perfect" according to Peter.  He also commented on how well the dogs worked for filming and how amazing it will be to to get the depth with the dogs that 3D offers.

The hunt lasted close to five hours with 15 birds being taken.  The hunt was threatened by a potential storm that was foretasted to hit which would have made the filming in 3D difficult due to snow flakes appearing directly in front of the camera and having scenery in the distance.  The hunt was treated to blue skies and great weather which all contributed to a very successful hunt.  The most important part of 3D is offering depth, the shoot allowed for birds to be seen flying away and the hunters to be in the foreground.  Overall the idea is to show viewers how the hunt happens but have it be incredibly realistic. Peter thinks that there will be enough footage to put together a spectacular short clip to show to vendors, potential investors, and other outdoor companies who may be looking to film other hunts in 3D.

3DMI focuses on 3D filming and is quickly becoming one of the leading 3D stock footage libraries.  Peter Fuszard has 20 years in the film industry and recently relocated from California to grow his company in Utah while being surrounded by the incredible scenery that Utah has to offer.  Bear Luke Outfitters out of Salt Lake City, Utah is a Outdoors Marketing company that focuses on the outdoors and hunting.  Bear Luke Outfitters organized the hunt and brought in the sponsorships for the hunt.  Browning Firearms out of Morgan, Utah provided the guns and apparel for the hunt and Basin Family Pharmacy in Roosevelt, Utah provided the birds.  This joint effort shows the optimism and growth of the 3D market and overall film market for Utah.

3DMI and Bear Luke Outfitters are hoping to take advantage of the outdoors around Roosevelt to film other outdoor activities in 3D.  Peter commented that Roosevelt is an "untapped market" for outdoor sports and filming.  Peter was impressed by the natural habitat and the very different landscape the Uintah Basin offers.  Many film makers and commercial producers are searching for something unique in terms of scenery and background.  "They are looking for something different, Moab, Canyonlands, the Wasatch Mountains have been numerous times but this, this is truly unique and could offer some great shots" Peter Said.  As the industry grows in Utah, the Uintah Basin is sure to garner some attention for its raw and rugged landscape.

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